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When you’re sick from disease, your blood’s plasma may contain antibodies that attack the immune system and prevent it from protecting your body properly. If this is the case, then plasmapheresis treatment may help.

Plasmapheresis helps cleanse your blood using a low-cost and quick therapeutic option. It’s a safe and comfortable procedure.

The plasma, liquid part of your blood, is separated from the rest of the blood and treated or replaced before going back into circulation. Plasmapheresis acts almost like a blood “purification” process to aid in your healing.

There are elements in the blood that can’t be easily excreted (pathological immune complexes, heavy metals, excess lipids, etc.), even if our kidneys and liver are healthy. These elements may affect micro-circulation, metabolism and adequate organ function, deriving in an alteration of our regeneration system.

How does plasmapheresis work?

The plasmapheresis allows the pumping of the blood, which then goes through a nano-membrane filter, which captures the unnecessary elements and throws them out, the blood is then returned to the body, now free of those harming elements.

Benefits of plasmapheresis

Therefore, the circulation improves, and as such the global oxygen is enhanced, and these two allow a better function of the organs and an enhancement of the metabolism, improving the body’s functionality, allowing the person to feel with more energy and with better physical performance.

How Does Plasmapheresis Help You?

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Our membrane plasmapheresis treatment uses a nanofiltration process to extract pathological immune complexes, heavy metals, excess lipids, and other substances that the body can’t eliminate naturally.



Left untreated, toxic substances in the blood may lead to disease or inflammation. This technology helps treat many conditions like autoimmune, chronic degenerative, neurodegenerative, and chronic infectious diseases.



Studies have shown that plasmapheresis treatments may lead to significant improvements in cases involving coronary heart disease, obliterating atherosclerosis of the lower extremities vessels, rheumatoid polyarthritis, and more.



Reports show after a set of plasmapheresis and photochemotherapy, about 91% of elderly patients improved overall health, and 68% of elevated blood pressure patients had decreased headaches and tinnitus, plus improved sight.

Plasmapheresis for Anti-aging

Feel and look younger.

Most grown adults accumulate pathological products in their body which may lead to premature aging, with signs showing both inside and out. This accumulation can’t pass through kidneys, be destroyed by the liver, or be removed using drugs.

A solution for stopping the vicious cycle of this accumulation in the blood, which affects the entire body, is plasmapheresis. Plasmapheresis works to increase immune system efficiency and, in turn, improve the quality of life for middle-aged and older patients

Instead of waiting for age-related ailments or changes in appearance, we recommend preventing aging with plasmapheresis. Our plasma exchange procedures help promote graceful aging for better function and beauty.

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