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Individualized healthcare services in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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Personalized. Adaptable. Innovative.

At Immunotherapy, our philosophy and medical approach are centered around you as an individual. Rather than making you fit our treatments and protocols, we adapt them to suit your personal needs and concerns.

Our clinic provides a relaxing and anxiety-free atmosphere filled with state-of-the-art technology, excellent care, and a friendly and happy team.

Most importantly, we make it our goal to listen and connect with you to understand better what you want and give you exactly the care you deserve.

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Our friendly team will take care of everything,

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Airport Pick-Up
We provide personalized transportation services if you wish to be escorted from the airport to your hotel and then to the clinic.
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All-Inclusive Care
With our stem cell treatments, immunotherapies, and cosmetic services, we cater to all aspects of your health while allowing you to relax and enjoy our tropical paradise.

Restore Your Health And Reclaim Your Life

From our innovative and superior immunotherapy treatments to our whole-health approach, everything is in place to help you fight against autoimmune and chronic diseases.


  • Stem cell therapy and plasma facials
    We offer personalized stem cell therapy and plasma facials to prevent premature aging while maintaining your youthful looks and spirit.
  • Anti-aging: IV treatment and facials
    This treatment prevents and delays the effects of aging by injecting and distribute mesenchymal stem cells throughout your body to repair and rejuvenate your existing cells.
  • Stem Cell Cosmetic Products
    We are proud to offer exclusive stem-cell cosmetic products to revitalize your life and rejuvenate your appearance.


  • Anti-aging Remedies
    With our innovative and non-invasive solutions, we stimulate your body’s natural healing mechanisms to promote excellent health and beautiful looks at any age.
  • Plasmapheresis
    Plasmapheresis is a treatment that acts almost like a blood “purification” process to eliminate substances or molecules that your body cannot eliminate naturally.
  • TIB
    These Italian treatments modulate your cell’s regenerative capacity, helping you fight diseases and acting as adjuvants in anti-aging therapy.
  • Ozone Application
    Ozone therapy helps prevent infections and treat a wide range of diseases to improve your quality of life and restoring your health.
  • Low Level Laser Therapy
    This technology reduces inflammation, aids with soft tissue healing, and serves as a relief method for acute and chronic pain.
  • Peptide Nutrition
    Peptide nutrition is a simple treatment that allows us to provide the nutrients and raw materials your organs need to regenerate.
  • Bioscanner Diagnosis
    Our doctors use this modern equipment to check for 70 physiological parameters to anticipate diseases and safeguard your overall wellness.


  • Autoimmune and Chronic Degenerative Diseases
    We use mesenchymal stem cell therapy to improve our patient’s quality of life by promoting cell growth and regeneration of damaged tissue and regulating their immune system’s functions.
  • Serum Therapy
    This therapy provides amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to treat chronic degenerative processes, acute and chronic pain, chronic fatigue, arthritis, lipid problems, mental problems, etc.
  • PRPB (Plasma Rich in Bioactive Proteins)
    This plasma is rich in fibrinogen bioactive proteins that promote regeneration, allowing us to use it to treat wear or joint damage, wounds, for aesthetic purposes, etc.
Escape to Nature

Your wellness retreat in absolute tranquility.

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When you schedule your consultation with us, you’ll be able to book your stay at an exclusive natural health retreat.

Begin your journey to total relaxation and renewed wellness in a beautiful and secluded location with tropical luxury villas, spa treatments, healthy cuisine, and a holistic approach. Discover the healing effects of Mexican nature.

Itinerary of the package:
Transport the patient from the airport to the hotel, and then on to the naturist center via a yacht. While staying at the naturist center, the patient will be taken on a Banderas Bay tour.

Shot of El Grullo's palapa outdoors
Shot of El Grullo's palapa indoors
Shot of El Grullo's master bedroom
Shot of El Grullo's Guest bedroom
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Let your body defend itself with our immunotherapy options.