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Our Alternative Medicine Treatments in Mexico

Our nutritional program guides you into making good choices to lead a better, healthier life. Knowledge is power, so our specialists equip you with the tools you need for nutritional therapy that helps fight disease. You’ll have access to a certified clinical nutritionist to create a nutrition program centered around you.

Bioscanner Diagnosis

Our modern technology and equipment is designed to fight against and prevent illness. One of these diagnostic tools is a bioscanner to check for 70 physiological parameters to anticipate diseases and safeguard your overall wellness. These diagnostics are an essential component for creating your customized treatment plan.


Cellular Nutrition

Peptide nutrition is a simple treatment that provides the nutrients and raw materials your body needs for proper regeneration and healing. Each of these cellular nutrition treatment plans is customized for your needs so the body responds better. While proper nutrition and the absorption of nutrients sounds simple, it plays a big role in treatment.



Every day, the body is exposed to different elements and toxins from the environment, chemicals, and living beings. One of the best ways for the body to fight against these toxic elements, which are the leading cause of disease, is maintaining a healthy diet and nutrients. Our detoxification treatment assists in removing toxins to make room for better health in the fight against degenerative and chronic illnesses.

Immunotherapy treatments serum therapy


Serum therapy is a complementary treatment in our regenerative medicine options. This treatment provides essential nutrients (amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes) to fight against diseases, including chronic degenerative processes, acute and chronic pain, chronic fatigue, arthritis, lipid problems, mental problems, etc.

Immunotherapy treatments prpb


PRPB, plasma rich in fibrinogen bioactive proteins, is a treatment that helps promote regeneration using your own blood. Unlike platelet-rich plasma, PRPB treatment has more proteins that aid in the body’s repair. We perform this type of treatment to accelerate healing for joint damage, wounds, aesthetic purposes, etc.


Plasmapheresis is a treatment to help eliminate substances that the body can’t eliminate on its own using a process that acts much like a blood “purification” procedure. During this treatment, the liquid part of the blood, AKA plasma, is separated from the cells and treated or replaced before going back into the body’s circulation. Plasmapheresis aids in many different types of disease treatments.



TIB are Italian treatments used to alter the cell’s regenerative capacity and help you fight diseases and aging. Used in anti-aging therapy, the cells act as adjuvants to improve the body’s immune response to antigens and toxins. Recent research suggests possible use of this treatment as an adjuvant in cancer treatments as well.


Ozone therapy helps treat many types of diseases and helps prevent infections. This treatment uses ozone gas, a form of oxygen, to assist in restoring your health and improving your quality of life. Medical ozone is administered in different ways and may treat various conditions by stimulating the immune system.



Low-level light therapy (LLLT) is a treatment to help reduce inflammation, aid with soft tissue healing, and provide relief for acute and chronic pain. This safe laser technology applies low light emissions to the surface of the body to help in healing. In addition to its therapeutic properties for targeted pain relief, LLLT helps stimulate and enhance cell function. We use light therapy for many purposes based on your needs.


Our stem cell therapy utilizes mesenchymal stem cells to promote cell growth, regeneration of damaged tissue, and regulation of immune system functions. By using the highest quality stem cells, adequately preparing our patients for treatment, and administering the cells properly, we help improve the chances of treatment success.

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