Plasmapheresis and Anti-Aging

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There are elements in the blood that can’t be easily excreted, even if our kidneys and liver are healthy. This elements may affect micro-circulation, the metabolism and the adequate organ function, deriving in an alteration of our regeneration system. The plasmapheresis allows the pumping of the blood, which then goes through a nano-membrane filter, which captures the unnecessary elements and throws them out, the blood is then returned into the body, now free of those harming elements. Therefore, the circulation improves, and as such the global oxygen is enhanced, and these two allow a better function of the organs and an enhancement of the metabolism, improving the body’s functionality, allowing the person to feel with more energy and with better physical performance.

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Discover new ways to fight aging with targeted immunotherapy

As we grow old, the cells in the body do as well. Factors which could speed-up the aging include a stressful lifestyle, bad nutrition and harmful habits.

We offer personalized therapies with mesenchymal stem-cells, peptides, ozone, and a combination of micronutrients and trace elements, to promote a younger appearance and a vibrant well-being sensation. This is reached while the regeneration of the body is stimulated naturally through safe and non-invasive treatments to recover its youth.


Our treatment prevents and delays the signs and effects associated to age. We use mesenchymal stem-cells to renew the cells and repair DNA, as well as being used for facial rejuvenation, wrinkle reducing and scar reducing treatments.

Facial Rejuvenation (CO2 Laser and PRP-B)

Fractional C02 laser is a direct skin treatment in which an ablative laser is used, currently considered the best with positive results for scar treatment, eliminating wrinkles, smoothing the skin and improve stains and pores. It may be used individually or along with PRP-B and/or mesenchymal stem-cells to obtain more optimal and lasting results.

Our exclusive facial treatments with plasma, mesenchymal stem-cells, CO2 laser, and stem-cell mascara (containing plasma and bioactive substances) help to nourish and rejuvenate and improve the skin, making it stronger, more hydrated, clearer and younger.

Muscle Improvement

Growth factors stimulate cellular size growth while increasing the protein-synthesis of the cells over which they act upon; these factors can be found on PRP-B. In combination with muscle peptides and mesenchymal stem-cells, they help for natural growth of any muscle (gluteus, pectorals, etc).


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