Nutritional Therapy in Mexico

Feel great with a customized lifestyle and diet plan.

Certified Nutritionist Meal Plans and Itineraries

Nutritional therapy complements other stem cell therapy and immunotherapy treatments at our Puerto Vallarta clinic. You no longer have to be a victim of your gene code. You finally have the power to change your life with nutritional knowledge.

Nutrition Therapy Explained

Discover new ways to fight aging with targeted immunotherapy.

Our daily habits are ingrained in us, and changing the way you eat and live can seem difficult, but we make it easy with a customized plan. Knowledge is power, and our education about better living works to strengthen the body and mind for long-term health.

A poor diet coupled with an unhealthy lifestyle contributes to many health conditions, diseases, and cancers. Our goal is to teach you a better way of living before serious problems or health threats arise. A healthy lifestyle is a proven method for saving lives, and we’re your partner for a healthier life.

Why Choose Us?

Safe, non-surgical treatments to recapture your youth.

Instead of treating the symptoms, Immunotherapy Regenerative Medicine treats the cause with functional nutritional therapy. We use a cell medicine approach created by our certified nutritionist Dr. Jeanette Preciado Vega and physio-yoga instructor Sofia Chaves.

Each plan is made specifically for the patient, and we’ll help you find the food and supplements your body needs. We first get to know you and listen to all of your problems. Our team looks into your diagnosis and how you’re feeling physically and emotionally, plus we review test results, underlying conditions, lifestyle, and your everyday environment.

We combine this knowledge with our expertise to create your perfect nutrition plan. In addition to this, we use life-coaching techniques to recommend positive changes in your life for the long-term. Each science-supported recommendation is made specifically for your unique needs.

How Does Nutritional Therapy Help You?
Improve Overall Wellness

Nutritional therapy helps improve immune system function and overall wellness. We take a holistic alternative medicine approach, and our doctor creates your nutritional therapy itinerary so it’s easy to follow and maintain wherever you go. Reset your body and create a foundation for better health.

Prevent Many Diseases

Greater immunity begins with the mouth, and we are not what we eat but what we absorb. Our certified nutritionist only recommends foods with the same composition as our cells, and each personalized meal plan helps create a balanced lifestyle.The whole food plant diet helps heal, prevent, and reverse disease.

Build Great Habits

Nutritional therapy doesn’ work alone but is a step in the right direction to break the cycle of disease. We also teach you about correct hydration, fasting techniques, personalized exercise techniques for stress relief and good health, ways to improve mental clarity, create better sleep patterns, and more.

Functional Nutritional Therapy FAQ

  • What is functional nutritional therapy?
    Functional nutritional therapy combines high-quality food, alternative medicine, and a balanced lifestyle for better health. It takes a holistic approach towards overall wellness by combining diet, exercise, and positive lifestyle choices.
  • Why is nutrition vital for healing disease?
    Your nutrition affects the body, mind, and soul. The body is made of C-H-O (Carbon – Hydrogen – Oxygen), and it needs the same fuel to help cells function as they should. So the right diet helps aid in the body’s proper function, including fighting against diseases and so much more.
  • Do you customize a nutritional plan for each patient?
    Yes, at Immunotherapy Regenerative Medicine, we customize each nutritional plan for each patient. While we use a whole-food, plant-based diet, we specify certain nutrients based on your needs. In addition to diet changes, we recommend lifestyle changes to form healthy habits.
  • What types of problems does nutritional therapy help?
    Nutritional therapy helps treat many health problems like an inflamed intestine from IBS and leaky gut, auto-immune diseases, toxin overloads, and more. By repairing the gut and receiving a powerful detox with our customized plans, you have the power to reset your body and build a foundation for better health.
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