How Stem Cells Regenerates

If conventional medicine has failed you, alternative medicine could help.

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Isn’t it time to take back control of your health? Immunotherapy Regenerative Medicine (located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico), is a leading and certified stem cell treatment center.

Using the highest-quality mesenchymal stem cells, we help promote cell growth, regeneration, and better immune system function. Our goal is to give you a better quality of life with clinically proven stem cell therapy for autoimmune diseases, chronic degenerative diseases, aging, and more.

Stem cells have the ability to turn into any natural cell in the human body and aid in producing the healthy cells you need. This helps reverse many health problems and prevent conditions from developing or worsening.

If you’ve been told your condition isn’t treatable, then we encourage you to get a second opinion from our stem cell specialists.

Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy?

It’s a less invasive and more natural regenerative option.


Mesenchymal stem cells are very compatible. They develop into many cell types to help regenerate tissue and regulate the immune system.


This alternative medicine has been scientifically studied and tested as a safe and effective treatment option for many types of disorders.


Each stem cell treatment is customized based on your needs and goals, so that we use the most comfortable procedure for maximum results.


Patients of all ages, especially older ones, benefit from stem cells to promote natural regeneration and healthy cell growth, rather than turning to invasive surgery.

How Can Stem Therapy Help You?

Check out examples of successful stem cell treatments.

Stem cells regenerate new cells and, in some cases, have reversed the effects of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Fibromyalgia.

In other cases, stem cells have repaired spinal cord injuries, herniated discs, and even brain damage caused by a stroke.

These stem cells are drawn to inflammation and repair tissue and blood vessels, leading to improved health solutions for weak arteries, coronary artery disease, and heart valve issues.

Additional ways stem cell can help
  • Speed up recovery time after an injury or surgery
  • Prevent scar tissue during healing
  • Reduce pain especially caused by chronic disease
  • Reverse chronic degenerative disease and autoimmune disorders by up to 80-100%
  • Regenerate brain cells and repair damage of the nerves
  • Improve motion and flexibility
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Increase collagen production for aesthetic purposes and anti-aging
  • Minimize or restore hair loss
  • And more!

Why Choose Immunotherapy Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell therapy is an innovative and effective way of treating many health conditions and diseases, but we know it’s a big investment, and you may have other choices too.

This is why we do everything possible to help ensure the success of your stem cell therapy treatment and never recommend anything unless we think it’ll help you.

We don’t administer stem cells and just hope they’ll do their job.. Instead, we take the time to get to know you and your body to adequately prepare you for the treatment and recommend ways to improve healing and health.

Our stem cell doctor, Dr. Romero, has 15+ years of experience in alternative medicine and was involved in early stem cell research. In addition to using the highest quality materials, we work closely with patients to provide supporting treatments to maximize the effects of healthy cell regeneration and growth.

Stem Cell Treatment FAQ

  • What kind of stem cells are used in stem cell therapy?
    At Immunotherapy Regenerative Medicine, we use mesenchymal stem cells, which are pluripotent stem cells found in the umbilical tissue of the placenta. Our stem cells are ethically sourced by top federally-approved stem cell banks in Latin America. Their method of extraction never hurts or puts the baby or pregnant mother in danger.
  • Are stem cells legal in Mexico?
    Yes, mesenchymal stem cells are legal in Mexico. The stem cells we use are safe and certified by Mexico’s Federal Health Ministry, equivalent to the United States’ FDA. Additionally, quality control measures are taken by everyone involved from start to finish to ensure the effectiveness of the cells.
  • What are Wharton’s jelly-derived stem cells?
    Wharton’s jelly is a gelatinous substance found in the umbilical cord, where the mother’s and baby’s tissues are separated. It’s abundant with mesenchymal stem cells. These cells are also known as universal donor cells because they interact with any type of tissue.

    Other stem cells contain SVF (stromal vascular fraction) and are harvested from fat, bone marrow, and other tissues. Those types of stem cells are grouped with different cell types and require extracting. On the other hand, Wharton’s jelly-derived stem cells are already isolated and can be obtained in large quantities. The collection of cells is safely cryo-preserved in pre-set doses in individual containers.

    To harvest Wharton’s jelly stem cells, specialists use pre-screened donors who donate their umbilical cord after a full-term pregnancy. The procedure for getting these stem cells is safe, non-invasive, and painless.

  • How does stem cell therapy work?
    During stem cell therapy, our team at Immunotherapy Regenerative Medicine works with you to ensure your body is in the best condition to receive and use stem cells.

    We first prepare your body, setting the right foundation for what will grow. After reviewing your current condition and health, we recommend the appropriate immune-strengthening and detox treatments or nutritional programs as needed.

    Once your body is ready, we administer the stem cells. This is typically done with other alternative medicines like blood treatments to assist the body in cell regeneration. The administered stem cells turn into new, healthy cells, which help heal diseased or injured areas. One injection has millions of stem cells that help your body regenerate cells for half a year to two years.

    To promote wellness after your stem cell therapy, we give you the tools for better nutrition and care so that you can thrive. Additional therapies are optional, but we’ll recommend the best treatments to go with your stem cell therapy. These may include nutrition plans, supplements, ozone therapy, and more.

    Our stem cell therapy in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, takes a unique approach to customize the treatment for you as a whole and help promote a harmonious environment so that your new stem cells thrive.

  • What can be done to improve the stem cell therapy success rate?
    Our doctors use exosomes to improve the chances of success for stem cell therapy, which helps the body turn undifferentiated cells into the cell type your body requires and accepts.

    Exosomes are messengers, small particles outside the cell that send and deliver important messages between cells. As a result, they enhance cell-to-cell communication so that your cells work well together.

  • Is stem cell therapy right for you?
    While stem cell therapy is a promising alternative treatment for many diseases and health conditions, there is no magic cure available for every illness. Therefore, our stem cell therapy always goes with other natural therapies and lifestyle recommendations to make the most of your treatment.

    Each person is unique and so are their needs, so please contact our clinic to determine if stem cell therapy is right for you.

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