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If you’re looking for answers, or you’ve run out of options to treat a tough condition, our alternative medical treatment could help.

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Giving you the gift of hope and renewed health.

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At Immunotherapy Regenerative Medicine, we’re pioneers in medical innovation and research.

Being the first to adopt immunotherapy treatments and stem cell therapy in Mexico, we use advanced treatment protocols to improve your health and enjoy a better quality of life.

Our goal is to provide you with safe and high-quality alternative treatments for autoimmune and chronic degenerative diseases, anti-aging, and aesthetics.

We’ll guide you on a journey to renewed health and newfound vitality, using unique science-based treatments and modern technology.

What To Expect At Immunotherapy Regenerative Medicine

The difference is clear. Be free of pain and take your life back with our innovative health solutions.



Our medical experts help you reclaim your health and restore your life’s balance with alternative medicine at our ultra-modern stem cell clinic.

Learn how we can improve your quality of life



With years of scientifically backed studies, Dr. Romero enhances your chances of treatment success through stem cells and patient preparation. We also incorporate natural remedies to support healing.



Experience the difference at Immunotherapy Regenerative Medicine and feel at ease and be in control of your health at our modern office located in the safe, popular beach resort community in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Stem Cell Medicine Gives You Options

Improve your quality of life without undergoing “under the knife” surgery

Stem cell therapy regenerates the whole body, rather than simply medicating it, to strengthen your immune system and improve overall wellness.

Each person is unique, and so is their immune system response. This is why our specialist, Dr. Ernesto Romero Lopez, customizes each treatment and regenerative plan just for you. Using immunotherapy and stem cells, our experienced clinic offers innovative treatments at our Puerto Vallarta, Mexico location to treat:

Immunotherapy Regenerative Medicine located in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, is a leader in alternative medicine in North America and our doctor has over 15 years of experience in stem cell research. We use the highest quality stem cells and preparation methods, plus our comfortable clinic is set in a beautiful resort-like town to help you enjoy your stay while we guide your body’s health back on track.

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Discover how our treatments have changed people’s lives.

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Our Services

Fight aging and restore your body with immunotherapy and stem cells


The immune system is the body’s natural defense to protect against infections and diseases. Unfortunately, with time, constant battles against chronic health disorders and autoimmune diseases may weaken and compromise the immune system.

To help stimulate and strengthen the body’s natural defense system, we use innovative immunotherapy treatments to help your immune system to fight back and restore your health.

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anti aging stem cells treatment


Imagine getting that youthful glow back again! As we age, the body’s cells also age, and when combined with a stressful lifestyle, poor nutrition, and unhealthy daily habits, the aging process is accelerated.

Luckily, our personalized stem cell therapy and plasma facials may help slow down the aging process, so you look and feel younger again.

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