Regenerative Dentistry

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Regenerative Dentistry

Regenerative Dentistry

Regenerative Dentistry Is The Future Of Dentistry

Based on the in vivo studies carried out, dental pulp stem cells have a high potential in the regeneration of dental and maxillofacial tissues, being considered as part of the regenerative therapy of hard and soft tissues such as the dental root, bone, gums, among others.

Bone Tissue Regeneration with Stem Cells

A revolutionary treatment that reverses gum disease

The craniofacial region suffers from bone defects in patients with syndromes, degenerative diseases, periodontal disease, skeletal malocclusions, trauma, tissue necrosis, and loss of bone mass due to aging. Alveolar loss caused by periodontal disease limits the ability to restore missing teeth with dental implants, but alveolar bone regeneration is shown after dental pulp stem cell transplantation.

regenerative dentistry
regenerative dentistry
Bone-tissue regeneration in 6 months

Do you want your teeth to be stronger and healthier?

Regenerative Dentistry Is An Innovative New Form Of Dentistry That Can Help You Do Just That.

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Dentistry by Immunotherapy Regenerative Medicine

Our protocols in Dentistry by Immunotherapy with the specialized use of dental pulp stem cells have the experience in regeneration of the mandibular and periodontal region to strengthen the dental pieces, and thus you can preserve your original pieces. We can also regenerate the gums. With these innovative treatments, we can prevent the loss of your teeth and continue to keep your smile healthy.

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