What is Colonic hydrotherapy and how can it help you?

What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle, all-natural way to rid the body of toxins, fecal matter, and mucus that can cause or aggravate many health problems. Colon hydrotherapy is a simple and natural treatment that uses water to cleanse the colon. This practice helps to remove toxic waste, gases, and mucus from the colon and to remove accumulated fecal matter from the walls of the intestines.

Our machine has a water pressure sensor that prevents the pressure in the intestine from being more than the patient can withstand. It incorporates an ozone generator with the ability to modify its dosage that helps improve the disinfection of the water that we introduce into the body. This is to eliminate fungi or bacteria that we may have in the intestine.

colon hydrotherapy machine
We have the latest technology for colon hydrotherapy
Colon hydrotherapy benefits

Colon hydrotherapy benefits

The main signs that you need to cleanse your colon

A dirty and intoxicated colon can greatly affect our quality of life and can lead to other ailments, such as diabetes, frequent headaches or cancer. Purifying it benefits the entire body.
Hundreds of diseases are related to a dirty Colon.


Abdominal swelling


Weight gain


Slow bowel movement


Frequent heartburn


Weakened immune system


Stomach heaviness


Digestive problems






Bad breath


Difficulty sleeping


Difficulty focusing

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How is the Colon Hydrotherapy treatment performed?

Usually, a professional called a colon hygienist performs the colon cleanse while you rest on a table.

It involves gently sending filtered water through the colon to the rectum. No chemicals or drugs are used, and the entire therapy is both relaxing and effective.

The toxins are then expelled through a different tube and the process is repeated.

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