Cancer Treatments in Mexico

Immunotherapy for Cancer

What is Cancer?

Our DNA is codified to multiply the cells in order to create tissues. In an optimal state, these cells and tissues grow, work, and behave perfectly; the cells are also programmed to grow old and eventually die, replaced with new and healthy cells. However, encoded mutations in the DNA may result in a loss of control of the cells, turning defective and harmful. The cells multiply, and the healthy tissue may transform, resulting in tumors or spreading of the damaged tissue, affecting other organs in the body, compromising their functions and, therefore, the adequate state of the body.

What are the therapies for cancer?

Most cancers are treated through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, depending on the type of cancer, the damage, and the spreading. All of these therapies, while designed to help the patients, have risks and important side effects.

Surgery, for instance, has the inherent risks of any other surgical procedure, and must be considered regarding where the tumor(s) might be located; there is also a risk of spreading a damaged cell into healthy tissue.

Chemotherapy is designed to destroy the compromising cells, however, it doesn’t know how to differentiate between a healthy and a damaged cell, resulting in important side effects and sometimes even damaging the tissue, compromising the function after the healing process.

Radiotherapy uses radiation (hence the name) to attack cancer, however, it attacks a wide area at once, resulting in damage similar to burning before healing.

How do immunotherapy treatments work against cancer?

Our first approach is immunomodulation, that is, to control the behavior of the damaged cells and protect the healthy cells. The old and damaged cells have forgotten they need to die, the white blood cells do not attack them and there’s no apoptosis (natural cell death); immunomodulation reminds them of their natural cycle and how that apoptosis needs to happen, getting rid of the bad cells. At the same time, the healthy cells are stabilized through their cell membrane; this, in turn, prevents the invasion (metastasis) of the cancerous cells to healthy cells.

Our second approach is the use of ionic elements to help expel the cancerous cells from the body. Our third approach is nourishing the damaged or compromised tissues and the appliance of stem-cells to recover their proper function through healing. Our fourth approach is allowing the body to activate its regenerative system, which helps it to heal itself.

What are the advantages of our treatments?

Our treatments help to stabilize cell behavior, affecting the defective cells, but keeping the healthy cells safe. The surrounding healthy tissues aren’t compromised, and the side effects are not present as with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery. While most treatments focus on getting rid of the disease, we also focus on the regeneration of the damaged tissue, as well as the activation of the body’s regenerative activity, allowing it to heal itself.

What are the results of our treatments?

The main and most important result is the improvement of the patient’s quality of life, regarding both the status of cancer and the lack of side effects. The restoration of the proper functions through the use of stem cells lasts for a long term.

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